Willow Walk

By taking a picture in roughly the same spot every two months on the way to work, I’ve made a sequence of nature photos that I find interesting. I wonder whether they would be useable by children (and if so, at what age?) to identify the seasons?

Willow Walk Jan.jpg

willow walk march.jpg

willow walk may.JPG

Willow Walk 08 July.jpg

willow walk michaelmas.jpg

Willow Walk Nov.JPG

And yes, the idea did come from the visual diaries project.

2 Responses to Willow Walk

  1. James Percival says:

    I had this idea, when I was around 16 and a keen photographer, of taking a picture of the same tree for a whole year. Film and processing costs were prohibitive then, but now? More than possible. Perhaps a little depressing to in the sense that we live in a constantly changing universe in which imperceptibly all living things move towards their inexorable end.

  2. nicktomjoe says:

    I think it’s still feasible. Look at the trees on our campus, for example. Maybe change is inevitable – seasonal, annual, over a lifetime – but it’s our desire for stability that deceives us into finding it depressing?

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