Targets 07-08

7.2 Individual work objectives for the short, medium and long term (indicate how they relate to team/unit/School/Directorate objectives)

Target date to meet objective

Teaching fellowship:

develop links and seek recording permissions in schools for videoing children’s play

recruit and brief student participants

Undertake recording and editing

Feedback to students, ECS staff and pilot materials


Plan and set up play research colloquium (HE academy funded)

Upgrade BSLES project:

Continue to support writing of reference and criticality guides, for dissemination at T&L conference

Dec 07

Feb 08

March 08

June 2008

June 2008

March 08


Article on curriculum and forest school

Explore possibility of scholarly/practitioner writing about nature of EY curriculum

Jan 08

June 08

7.3 Future training and development requirements

Action (and resources needed)

DCSF training on EYFS

LA training on EYFS

Outdoor First Aid training. To remain compliant with H & S requirements, I need to refresh my Fist Aid qualification for module U70124 and work in ITT on Forest School.

Child Protection training: ECS module on Child Protection (stemming from the EYSEFD teaching, see 3.3 above) will need comprehensive CP training to be available.

Some in-house workshop training on “getting the most from dissertation students” as part of the T+L conference

Travel expenses

Travel expenses

Course fee and travel expenses

Course fee and travel expenses


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