Section 4, 2007

4. Your future

Comment on how you would like to see your current job and your career developing over the next 5 years:

With the Institute and University still in something of a state of flux, it is hard to predict where openings will occur which will employ me most usefully. I should hope to be ready to respond to challenges as they arise. These might include developing more teaching/development work on Child Protection (see 3.3 above and 5, below), increasing involvement with Theologian colleagues and/or development of a clear and feasible Early Years consultancy locally or even nationally.

I have often said in PDRs and elsewhere that I would like to be better at what I do now; nevertheless, I would make a case for developing my role alongside the burgeoning profile of Early Years in the Institute. At some point, we will need to address more fully issues of leadership and course design in ITT for Early Years, and I should hope to be fully involved in this. The growing profile of Early Years at Brookes means that increasingly practitioners are coming to us as a first port-of-call for higher-level in-service opportunities, and within five years I should hope that we could become the local sector leader for award and non-award-bearing activities. My current involvement with BAECE and other initiatives locally has been well received (see 3.1, above); this allows me to remain in touch with local concerns, something key to further development.

Similarly, should the reassessment of space and services here at Harcourt Hill lead to the development of pre-school provision on site, I should hope to have at least some involvement in this.

While I am very happy to remain in a teaching –intensive role, publication of the chapters I submitted for Early Childhood Studies: A reflective reader has highlighted a number of issues I feel ready to explore in writing: play as a defining activity in early childhood curricula; historical models of childhood and care; outdoors as a definer of exploratory play in the early years. In addition, Bill Gibson has suggested ways in which at least two issues brought up by my (much earlier) manuscript research might still have sufficient currency to warrant publication.

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