Reviewer’s comments 07-08

As Nick notes, the academic year 2006-2007 was an unusually demanding one given the process of re-structuring and higher than usual levels of staff turnover. It is to Nick’s considerable credit that he continued to make such a positive and generous contribution on so many fronts: UMP and ITT and FD teaching; participation in the Theology and Religion distance learning programmes; contributed chapters to the Early Childhood Studies Reader; e-learning and blog developments; successful bidding for a Brookes Student Learning Experience strategy funded project; and so on. It was particularly pleasing that Nick’s excellence as a teacher was recognised in the award of a University Teaching Fellowship.

Looking ahead, key priorities for the future are (i) the fuller inclusion of Early Years within the ITT curriculum (ii) helping the Institute to become a leading Early Years provider, and to develop more consultancy work (iii) successful completion of the University Teaching Fellowship (iv) developing research engagement and publications. After completing the Fellowship, it may be possible to apply with University support for a National Teaching Fellowship.

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