Sleeping in the bin

[4yo and 2yo with me in the garden: this is a replay of a game. It is nearly bedtime]

4y: Put me on the bin, Grandpa. You know, like before.

2y: Bin.

Me: You’re a weight.

4y: Go on.

Me [mock sarcastic voice]: Please, Grandpa, you lovely man.

4y [same sarcastic voice]: Please, Grandpa, you lovely man.

[Both children picked up and put on top of wheelie bins]

Me: Are you going to hold on?

4y: I don’t need to hold on [Holds on to bin lid handles]

2y: No [uses handles to propel herself forward and off into my arms] Jump. Again.

4y: I’m sleeping here tonight, Grandpa [curls up in a ball on bin lid].

Me: Really [I put 2y back on bin. 2y again uses handles to propel herself forward, but this time allows herself to fall un-held a little way into my arms].  Will you fall off?

4y: Yes, really. And I won’t come in when it’s bedtime.

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