About me – sort of


This is where I am supposed to give a brief introduction to work, interests and the rest: to present Who I Am.   This is the link to my staff page at Brookes.  However, I do think the best place to find that isn’t on a website; personal meeting still remains my favourite. If it’s easier to use social media, my Twitter a/c is @nickswarb; my other contact details are on the staff web page.

The picture here, btw, is of me on a research trip to Ludchurch; on the staff page is it likely to be me in the School Experience Centre in the Brookes Library. 

4 Responses to About me – sort of

  1. Avatar Finbar Cullen says:

    Who are you Nick? Staff page cannot be found

  2. Avatar nicktomjoe says:

    Ah, we changed all these and I forgot.

  3. Avatar nicktomjoe says:

    Sorted now, I hope.

  4. It was good to chat to you the other day, Nick, about Ludchurch and ‘Gawain’ matters. Best regards,
    Michael Gibson

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