Wish List Time

I’m contemplating a sort of summer school for undergrad students, that might include all sorts of skills and experiences. It might be fun, it would enhance employability… A something in germ, anyway.
It strikes me, however, that this links with a question I see is being asked on Twitter about BSL. Should BSL be taught in schools? Along with my resounding “yes” I’d like to add to this syllabus, which is not so much a criticism of current secondary schooling as a list of things I wish school – or someone – had taught me.

  • CPR and other life-saving
  • Sign language
  • Finance management
  • Car and bike maintenance
  • Cooking
  • Basic house maintenance
  • How to read an advert
  • Fixing stuff
  • Driving

Lots of these are taught in bits and pieces, or depend on initiatives here and there. If you read this you may think of others, maybe even ones explicitly taught in school (one friend suggested punctuation)… But this would make an interesting syllabus, I think.

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