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This time, to post a link to Michael Rosen’s analysis of Michael Gove’s article in today’s Times.

“Some people… find it so difficult or painful to admit that they’re wrong that it is much more comfortable for them to keep repeating that everyone else is wrong instead.”

Criticism has continued in TES, too, or at least been documented there.

The Secretary of State was in no mood to back down, however,  after the battling at the NAHT conference  (here is his speech and here and here is some reporting of the occasion) – but I am reminded of the way that John Patten’s rhetoric also faltered, with parents  headteachers and teachers all described as historical bygones – Neanderthals, Dinosaurs – and how David Blunkett likewise overused the idea of educationalists as “cynical” when they (we) opposed what he suggested. This, on Patten, from the Indie in the depths of the nineties, makes for interesting comparisons, for example.

Are we (as we like to see ourselves) principled, educated, analytical – or maybe being SoS for Education is like being a cat-herder?



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