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The best-argued riposte to Liz Truss so far has come, I think, from Julian Grenier in a post on Inside the Secret Garden. I even get a mention! – but that’s not why it’s impressive.  Well thought-out and impassioned stuff, Julian.

Of course, the situation is changing daily, with most media attention going to Nick Clegg’s newly-voiced opposition to and the PM’s possibly wavering support for Liz Truss’ model around ratios.  They are, of course  being watched carefully on all sides at a politically difficult time for both leaders. Just for info, here is their joint thinking from March.

Caught in the middle of more marking than I care to think of, I would merely point out that ratios only make up part of this tussle (can we call it a Trussle?).  She is also talking about the ways in which the graduate workforce can be afforded, and has either (depending on your interpretation) tried to sell this by talking about an adult-dominated pedagogy, or she has sought to introduce a sort of Key Stage 2 pedagogy to get away from the ‘chaos’ of free-flow play.  Ratios are an important part of this; how we afford well-paid graduates (they need to be well paid to pay off their University fees, of course) is another; whether play is at the heart of children’s learning strikes me as the most important point –  and one I really don’t want us to forget.

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